Experience the Balance Being Alive™


1-What are the foundations of Being in Balance?

Alive™ focuses on four different aspects determining lifestyle:
  • The Mind
  • Eating for Balance
  • Moving for Balance
  • Rest & Recover for Balance.
All aspects are interrelated, lead and directed by the mind, values and beliefs.

Think for Balance - Explore your Options

The Mind aspects of the program assist to:
  • Understand your present,
  • Transform your past painful memories, to motivating learning
  • Dissolve and rewrite limiting beliefs and inner conflicts
  • Clean out the cause of fears, anxiety, stress, guilt, resentment, anger, hurt, depression, addiction, unreliability, low self-value, negativity, bitterness and commitment issues.
  • Uncover the empowering learning from the past
  • Discover your true self, and live by your heart
  • Face your fears, make them disappear hence take control of your life


The power of the mind is enormous

Did you know that what you really want from deep down will create circumstances? So there are no accidents in life. If you really don¡¯t want to do something circumstances will occur so you wont be doing that. However, this is true for what you truly want. Your focus creates reality, and learning to focus on what you truly want from your heart will make it come true. Either you deny or not, just look into your heart and look back in your life events.

The workshops and practical exercises can help:

  • Speak to yourself and others and get what you want,
  • Refocus to what you want
  • Highlighting superior health
  • Create meaningful goals, which creates the driving force to grow in your attitude.
  • As a by product food choices and active lifestyle created
  • Breath is used to control your emotions/stress in the present moment.
  • Stay and regain balance by being detached from mind made fears
  • Live a life motivated by unconditional love, unlock human potential and realize your hidden dreams,
  • Become potential part of building happy societies

Eat for Balance

The ALIVE™ nutrition education is designed to give you fundamental understanding and practical information how to use food for optimal mental and physical performance. As a result you feel better, have high work capacity and strong immune system resistant to illness. Hence have less medical leaves. You can learn the basics so of making healthy food choices and planning your own menus. You can go home knowing what to eat and why so as able to prepare simple meals and learn to order in fast food restaurants and make healthy choices when eating on the run.
The food served at Alive will give a hands-on experience of feeling great from stabile energy level.


Move for Balance

Wake your muscles up, start slowly and progressively, learning easy muscle, joint strengthening and flexibility exercises. There is no prerequisite of physical fitness for these practical sessions. Only you and your breath.

Rest for Balance

Meditative mindful exercises can enable the body to recover faster than any other from of exercise or methods. Breathing exercises are vital part of the program as emotions can influence breathing and breathing can influence emotions. Re-learning deep breathing is a priority, therefore our program includes special breathing sessions. Practice with us and learn simple methods you can use in your every days life to calm the racing mind, rejuvenate your body and slow down aging.


2-Being in Balance

Expect to breathe freely, see and hear clearly as you reconnect with what you truly want. Feel and taste the difference in your well-being, experience your true value and say what you want.

All life situations become opportunities for learning, - giving enhanced aliveness, greater compassio, superior focus, aware listening, peaceful mind; with the capacity to make decisions and take actions with high self-confident.
There is time for all that¡¯s important..
Lets have fun, laugh lot & share your love with others on your journey.

What can you get out of the Alive™ Program?

• Immediate application of your learning as you will be practicing them right here
  • The small group format allows for individual interaction, and sharing, where you can learn to clear out fears, anger, hurt, sadness, resentment, guilt, stress, anxiety and self limitations, which have been the root cause of human misery and physical illness.
• Completing the program you will be able to rewrite your personal history, so your past ¡°story¡± will be comprised of learnings that are empowering and pleasant to remember.
• Special activities are designed to train your mind to stop it from running wild and work with you instead, by learning to manage unrealistic mind-made fears while focusing on what your really want and allowing life to bring it to you. Practicing your activies will keep you connected to your heart, bringing freedom, peace and harmony into your life as you learn to accept and enjoying the present moment.
• Going through the program will allow you to tap into the love hidden inside you, reshape your self-concept, regain your self-esteem, dissolve isolation and realize your self-value, which is the fundation for rebuilding relationships. Living out of unconditional love and applying it to yourself and to others as will be an important contributor to society, and bestow upon you with the human birth-right of happiness and love - the ultimate value of being alive.
• A major part of the program focuses on realizing the meaning of your life and aligning your value and belief system for your goals in 7 levels. We pay special attention so that you learn the tools to plan and precede step by step towards achieving your goals and allowing life to bring you what you want.

• The scientifically organized program allows for continuous, balanced playful and applied learning all day, as your new lifestyle is practiced on each level:

1.Physical activity to keep you independent;
2.Eating for sustained energy and weight management;
3.Resting without sleep;
4.Thinking with a clearly focused mind while living true to your heart

- Where HEALTH automatically becomes the principle value in life


What can you take home?
Upon successful completion you can take home:

• Tools and new capacities for managing your thoughts, awareness to self correct, tools to cope with difficult situations, and elevated self-esteem to make logical decisions for taking immediate action

• Anability to remain connected to your heart, tap into your inner resources to direct you to live by love motivated choices and decisions, find new meaningful directions in life, and apply simple practical tools to plan and achieve your goals

• Tools to continue a physically active lifestyle that fits into your busy schedule

• Meal management and cooking skills; to make food choices based on your solid understanding of the principles of using food to fuel your body and promote your health

• Sample routines, (DVD, MP3, books) to recover and refresh your body at any given time of the day, make up for missed sleep and improve the quality of rest, which is fundamental for a strong immune system, resulting in cell regeneration for disease prevention and delayed aging


1-What are the foundations of Being in Balance?
  Think for Balance - Explore your Options
  Eat for Balance
  Move for Balance
  Rest for Balance
  2-Being in Balance
  What can you get out of the Alive? Program?
  What can you take home?

Regain focus and life balance
Insomnia, loss, trauma
Relationship issues, poor communication
Emotional distress, overwhelmed
Anxiety, fears, depression
Addictions, excessive negative behaviour
Social isolation
Eating disorders, weight management
Health problems, low immunity
Functional naturopathic medicine
Corporate Training


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