The Alive™ Coaching

Interested to continue working on individual level?
Its easy, our one-one coaching session are tailor-made for you

Life-coaching and Time-Line Therapy sessions can specifically assist you with your deeper personal problems, help you with goal setting, planning and strategizing toward a more compelling future.

Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Exercise and Relaxation Coaching:
These are suggested for presence of physical illness, nutritional therapy, performance nutrition and weight management as well as for exercise and relaxation.

For your convenience Individual session may be continued on the phone and online. Please take a look at our life coaches' profiles.

The ALIVE™ Theme Trips

Like to join in for even more fun and excitement?

These trips are for you. The basic Balance to Be Alive™ workshops are co-joined and extended with numerous exciting activities and overseas trips such as
     • Golf
     • Tennis
     • Horseback riding
     • Mountain climbing
     • Art and crafts
     • Music/Guitar
     • Culinary art
     • ˇ°Make-overˇ±

      And many more

Alive™ at your home

Would you prefer to have us to come to your house? It's all possible. You can organize a program in the privacy in your own home. We can assist to make the necessary changes in your living environment to suit your personal growth, practicing awareness and health to the level you wish to follow. Get your friends together and learn with them, its all possible.
For further arrangements please contact us.

Who teaches the programs?

All our instructors/life coaches are highly qualified, graduate and post graduate degree holders (from Europe, USA, Australia, India) with 10-15 years of life experience in teaching/coaching on all levels in their respective fields.



  The Alive™ Caoching
  The ALIVE™ Theme Trips
  Alive™ at your home
  Who teaches the programs?

Regain focus and life balance
Insomnia, loss, trauma
Relationship issues, poor communication
Emotional distress, overwhelmed
Anxiety, fears, depression
Addictions, excessive negative behaviour
Social isolation
Eating disorders, weight management
Health problems, low immunity
Functional naturopathic medicine
Corporate Training


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